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How much time should I calculate for check-in?

Depending on both the airport and route travelled, the latest check-in time can vary from only 25 minutes to as much as one hour before departure. This is the time required to make the necessary preparations for the aircraft to depart on time. The passenger list needs to be compiled well in advance in order to properly calculate the aircraft s weight as well as the total amount of kerosene needed for the journey. Once the flight has been closed for check-in, it is only rarely re-opened to board additional passengers.

On long-haul flights in particular, the latest check-in time can even be as much as three to four hours before departure. Ultimately, it is determined by a variety of factors such as the political situation, or other requirements, at the destination or by seasonal increases in the number of travellers, for example during school holidays . Furthermore, please keep in mind that there might be long queues to the check-in counters, at the security check or even at passport control. Depending on the size of the airport, long distances within the terminal, particularly if the aircraft is parked on a remote stand, also need to be taken into account. As a general rule, always plan to be at the airport way ahead of time, according to the size of the airport you are leaving from.

Please note that airlines can have their own check-in policy please contact with your airline.