EDD Security Services (K9)

Our expertise can help you to ensure that your assets and premises are secured against explosives.

In response to ever increasing threat of terrorism, Gözen provides Explosive Detection services through the deployment of highly trained handlers and explosive detection dogs.

As the first K9 Security Services provider within the Aviation Industry in Turkey, Gözen offers a tried, trusted and proven method of locating explosives in a wide range environments, from luggage screening to oversized, dense cargo and from Aircraft to Cargo Warehouse searches.

This type of deployment is mobile, flexible, fast and cost effective besides provides consistent and reliable detection results that cannot be obtained by using current available screening methods.

Our Canine Explosive Detection Units (EDD) consists of K9 Explosive detector dogs and their handlers, which are selected and trained in accordance with the EU (European Union) Legislation and certified by Parmawill K9 and AWD (American Working Dogs Association). Gözen K9 Explosive detection dogs are eligible to detect most military, commercial and homemade explosives even the firearms. Their skills are constantly being tested, refreshed by the most advanced and efficient training kits available worldwide.