Gözen Security Services Training, Research And Audit Department

The Training, Research and Audit Department of Gözen Security Services has been conducting trainings, researches and audits with 7 full-time and 17 part-time training instructors/auditors. The training and audit reports are presented to our valuable customers upon request. Initial Trainings, On the Job Trainings, Refreshment Trainings and Field Trainings are the standard trainings provided by the Training Department. Furthermore, in accordance with the customer expectations, training standards are regularly enhanced and developed. In addition to our Faculty of Education graduate instructors, all of our instructors have certificates of Train the Trainer approved by Ministry of Education. All of our training instructors are certified by General Directorate of Civil Aviation in accordance with the Training and Civil Aviation Directive Moreover, all of our training instructors worked as security supervisors and have field experience of minimum 5 years. Our Civil Aviation Security Training Standards have passed all audits conducted by the international and national authorities such as TSA (U.S), DFT (UK), ECAC, ICAO and MOT (Israel), Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Gözen Security Training Department is also an approved training vendor of Delta Air Lines, Inc. and United Airlines, Inc.

Gözen Security Training Department working under the umbrella of Gözen Security Services has been operating since 10.02.2005 with the official authorization obtained from the Ministry of Interior.