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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

With the act of having the conscious that "human" is the most important value, Gözen has implemented the management system a long time ago that enables to systematically control the applications which may affect the health and safety of its employees. Following the audits conducted on September 2010, Gözen is certified with OHSAS 18001-2007 OHSAS 18001-2007 "Occupational Health and Safety" Certifaction in 2011.
Purpose; To provide the most trustworthy, healthy and safe working environment to our employees, suppliers, customers and visitors.
Aim; To identify risks and hazards, take corrective action and track the results in order to provide more healthy and safe working environments.
Expectations; To increase servive productivity by Continous improvement while minimizing the work injury, accidents Gözen Security Services, with its management and employees undertake to fulfill the following requirements in the context of health and safety;

  • To identify risks and hazards previously (by conducting risk analaysis) and to implement necessary measures completely and timely
  • To ensure all our employees and suppliers to get updated information and to ensure correct use of the same information, with the "Planned Education"
  • To improve our Occupational Health and safety management system contionously by joint participation of employees and and suppliers
  • To reduce hazards and risks by managing the revised targets to the level of legal obligations or to the levels that can be tolerated
  • To comply with Occupational Health and Safety Rules and Regulations
  • To create and spread out the conscious "Occupational Health and Safety Working Environment" to all Gözen personnel

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